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Institute of Respiratory Hygiene and Halotherapy Kft.

Since the establishment of Institute of Respiratory Hygiene and Halotherapy in 2007, we have been continuously promoting Controlled Halotherapy at numerous events on various levels, as well as providing our customers with the best equipment for implementation of this truly effective health-improving method. As a part of our company’s activity as the Halomed-Aeromed Group member, we have been consulting our customer and other members of Halomed-Aeromed Group, as well as developing unique informational products together with Prof. Alina Chervinskaya, that show the experience of the successful application of Controlled Halotherapy in detail.

Halomed-Aeromed Group unites 5 companies in Lithuania, Russia, Italy, Hungary, and the USA. We design and manufacture halogenerators, we build salt rooms, we conducts related scientific and medical research, we prepare and issue informational products concerning halotherapy application, we consult. And we are at your service with our professional Halotherapy solutions.

The website is owned and operated by company Institute of Respiratory Hygiene and Halotherapy Kft. incorporated under the laws of Hungary.

Registered and postal address: Szent László út 48-50, A./VI./22., H-1135 Budapest, Hungary

Showroom address: Frangepán utca 11, H-1139 Budapest, Hungary

Phone number: +36 30 373 5087

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Year of establishment: 2007

Legal representative: Max Dubinsky, managing director

EU-VAT-ID: HU14000687

Company registration number: 01-09-884044

Tax number: 14000687-2-41

Bank name and address: MKB Bank Zrt., Váci u. 38, H-1056 Budapest, Hungary


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